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(Belated) Yearly Before and afters!Xp

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Hi!I'm Sara and I had gastric bypass July 17 2006, so it's been a year and 4 months, my highest weight ever was 330,
 on the day of surgery I was 301, and today I'm 160, I'd like to be was really worth it! hard , but worth it.... yeah so I guess this is my yearly picture update!

I'm wearing the same grey sweat pants in both only now they're falling off, kick ass!!

oh and a halter top!!??? GASP!!!

 oh and BONES !!! bones are neato! muhahahahah!

I was feeling down and doing a new B an A really made me feel accomplished, you all should try it !

thanks fer lookin! Comments or questions? NO Problem!

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Ya look great! Any plastic surgery at all?
Which surgery did you have?

(time for some new sweats) hehee
thank you! no plastics (yet) and I had gastric bypass..thanks again, definitely new sweats time! lol
I'm still pre-op and researching which surgery might be right for me. Any reason you picked RNY?
I actually wanted duodenal switch because It has less probability of dumpimg syndrome and I hate puking, however I've only gotten like once or twice and while it sucked, it's not horrendously awful, I "settled" for RNY. but it wasn't really settling ... everything comes with it's own pros and cons and everyones different...vague enough? I know but it's really the way it is.I'm super happy with the results from rny, all I would suggest is research research research!! only you can decide. GOOD LUCK!
Thanks :)
you look great!!!
You look amazing and should be really proud of yourself. I'm 21 years old and currently weigh 355 pounds. I have been going to a weight loss center for about a year now. I am looking into having the surgery in the summer. Can I ask how old you are? You look young also.
how old are you and how tall?

your loss is beautiful, i'm suprised at how little skin there is! did you exercise a lot?

I'm in the process of looking into Lapband.
Sorry this is massively delayed but i just wanted to comment on your post. im on the waiting list for the gastric bypass and your pictures are amazingly inspiring! thank you x
Congrats! You look fabulous. My surgery is sched for September 1st.
Wow, thats awesome! Your skin is so tight. Do you tone & excercise 24/7?