Anonymous Fattie (one_oh_won) wrote in wls_pics,
Anonymous Fattie

Friday Ps and Cs


- Still in a lot of pain, which inhibits my every day movements
- Not getting in nearly enough water
- Weight has been the same for the last three days
- I wound up telling my in-laws about having surgery, even though I didn't want to... I just CAN'T lie
- Tomorrow is my MILs birthday, and we're all going out to dinner. I will have to have soup.
- SO many more people know about my surgery now, even though I've only told my parents and hubby's parents. People can't keep their mouths shut!


- Got my stitches out yesterday!!
- I've lost 22.5 lbs so far
- Finally able to sleep in a bed
- Finally able to (carefully) sleep on my left side
- My husband has been REALLY super supportive of me through the whole process
- I've been talking to my mom almost every day, and she's been great
- I bought some MBT shoes, and I can already feel a difference!
- My hubby bought me a sports watch, a small MP3 player, and a Wii to help me stay active! (Wii Fit to follow, but they were sold out)
- I am pretty sure I can see a difference in how my body looks already
- No more SAUSAGE FINGERS! Woo! ;)

Lap VSG - June 3rd, 2008
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